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History of CPT

Considered as the basis for the treatment of lymphedema CPT has been systematically developed worldwide from medical doctor’s and health care professional’s years of research and clinical experience.

The History of CPT started in the 19th century with the Austrian-Belgium surgeon Prof. Dr. Alexander von Winiwarter, MD, and later on received with Dr. Emil Vodder’s lymph drainage techniques, which he presented for medical and cosmetic treatment during an exhibition in France in 1936, further attention.

With considerable contribution of Prof. Dr. Michael Foeldi, MD, and Prof. Dr. Etelka Foeldi, MD, and others in the field of medical care this therapy was further developed to the nowadays from the International Society of Lymphology as standard accepted Complex Physical Therapy.

Today CPT is used by comprehensively trained lymphdrainage therapists in Germany and many countries around the world. The MLAJ offers training courses which are based on the Foeldi Method CPT.

History of the MLAJ and the Foeldi School

Our history starts with Ms. Kayoko Sato (today MLAJ Board Member) who has been trained as lymphdrainage therapist and certified as MLD/CPT instructor in one of the world-leading clinics for lymphology – the Foeldi Clinic – and in the Foeldi School. Since 1999 – in the beginning at the college were Ms. Sato was educated in Japan, the Goto College – we have been offering education in lymphedema therapy.

In 2002 the NPO Medical Lymphdrainage Association of Japan (chair: Mr. Haruhisa Goto) was founded and since then we have trained medical doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and shiatsu-anma-massage therapists to become medical lymphdrainage therapists.

Our team of instructors consists of in Germany certified Foeldi Method and MLAJ certified instructors who have gained clinical experience at the Foeldi Clinic and in several medical facilities throughout the country, thus guaranteeing a high education standard for our students.