Bringing together therapists and patients! On a platform for lymphedema therapy.

Corporate Identity


(1) About the Corporate Logo

- The logo symbolizes two hands administering lymph drainage.

- It shows the moment just before applying the Stationary Circle technique.

- The hands’ gentle and tender shape describes the therapist’s sensitive care for the patient.

- Depending on the person looking at the logo, the two hands can appear as reaching out for each other. This symbolic gesture encourages to raise awareness of and support for lymphedema.

- The hands can also resemble two persons walking towards each other. This is in accordance with our philosophy of bringing together therapists and patients.

- Furthermore the hands resemble a Japanese character pronounced “ly” which can be linked to “ly”mphedema therapy and medical “ly”mphdrainage. This in turn provides a high level of recognition of our association and our activities.

(2) Corporate Color

- The Corporate Color is blue-wisteria-lilac. Blue stands for honesty, cleanliness and reliability. The lilac color of the wisteria flower stands for gentleness, peace of mind and tenderness.

- This, together with the logo‘s shape and the logotype, results in a not overly strong but independent and individual image, which corresponds to the image of the platform, on which therapists and patients are brought together, as described in our philosophy.