Bringing together therapists and patients! On a platform for lymphedema therapy.



First Lecture on Lymphedema (Lecturer: H. Hartogh at the Goto College)
First Beginner’s Course (at the Goto College)
First Intermediate Course (at the Goto College)
First Advanced Course (at the Goto College)


Since the Foundation of the MLAJ (2002 - )

Dec. 2002
Foundation of the MLAJ
(Chairperson: Haruhisa Goto, Office: Odawara, Kamonomiya) Succession of the Training Courses from the Goto College
June 2004
First Member General Assembly Meeting (at the Goto College Tokyo School)
Nov. 2004
First Academic Conference (at Kanagawa Working Plaza)
Sept. 2009
First International Conference (at Radio Nihon Bldg., Yokohama)
Nov. 2009
MLAJ office moved from Odawara to Yokohama. Establishment of a permanent seminar room
May 2010
First public Symposium
March 2011
Number of educated therapists exceeds 1000
May 2011
Enlargement of the seminar room(incld. conversion into a multipurpose room)
October 2012
Ninth Academic Conference and Second International Conference
(Japan, Germany, America) (at Iino Hall & Conference Center)
October 2013
Tenth Academic Conference (at Iino Hall & Conference Center)
July 2014
Yoshihiro Ogawa assumes post as new chairman
Start of a Course Assistant System