Bringing together therapists and patients! On a platform for lymphedema therapy.


Corporate Name: Medical Lymphdrainage Association of Japan (MLAJ)
Corporate Form: Non-Profit Organization (NPO)
Chair: Yoshihiro Ogawa
Address: c/o Kanagawa Eisei Gakuen College 2-34 Sano-cho, Yokosuka, Kanagawa 238-0052 Japan <Map>
PHONE: +81 46-854-7541
FAX: +81 46-854-7542

Objectives and Actions

Our Association’s aims are to raise awareness of the steadily increasing number of lymphedema patients, to conduct research and surveys on suitable countermeasures, to educate and train therapists, to promote lymphedema therapy throughout the country, to contribute to prophylaxis and education, to work together with patients and their supporters for achieving a better quality of life and by doing so to contribute to promoting public welfare.

To reach these aims we engage in the following areas of nonprofit activities:

(1) Activities to promote health, medical care and welfare
(2) Activities to promote social education

To reach the above mentioned aims, following tasks are carried out:

1) Education, certification, further skill developing training and support for therapists in conservative lymphedema therapy including medical lymphdrainage
2) Raising awareness and promoting of lymphedema therapy
3) Consultation service concerning lymphedema therapy
4) Information service concerning lymphedema therapy
5) Further projects related to the above mentioned activities

Date of Foundation

December 10th, 2002

Number of Members

668 (as of: March 31st, 2017)


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