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We offer training courses (in Japanese) in which participants acquire knowledge and skills of the Complex Physical Therapy and graduate as a certified Medical Lymphdrainage Therapist. For graduates continuing education is also available.

- Training courses: Beginner’s and Intermediate course
- Further training: Refresher, Skill-up and Advanced course

Our team, covering a wide range of specialist knowledge, garanties a high-quality education. This team consists of MLAJ certified instructors (*1), certified Foeldi method CPT instructors (*2), cardiovascular surgeons and specialists in breast cancer, gynecology and palliative medicine as well as assistants with profound clinical experience.
(*1) MLAJ certified instructors have completed clinical training at the Foeldi Clinic. (*2) Certified Foeldi method CPT instructors have obtained an instructors license at the Foeldi School in Germany.

The MLAJ is the only organization in Japan that is officially allowed to certify therapists in the Foeldi method Complex Physical Therapy.

Requirements for admission

To attend our training courses one of the following medical qualifications (national license in accordance with regulations of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare) is required:

- Medical Doctor, Registered Nurse, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Anma-Shiatsu Massage Therapist

- Students who try to obtain one of the above mentioned qualifications (*1)

(*1) Student’s applications are handled separately.

Training courses

Participants who completed the Beginners‘ and Intermediate course and successfully passed the final examination will be certified as Medical Lymphdrainage Therapist. (You cannot attend only one part of the above mentioned courses).

Beginner’s course

A 10 day course consisting of 3 days of theory and 7 days of practical training. Theoretical training comprises basic anatomy, pathophysiology, an introduction to edemas, cancer therapy and Complex Physical Therapy. Practical training comprises medical lymphdrainage and bandaging techniques.

Intermediate course

A 12 day course consisting of 2 days of theory and 10 days of practical training (incl. 2 days of end-of-course examination) Theoretical training comprises edemas in detail, cancer therapy and cooperation between health care professionals. Practical training prepares for daily clinical practice and enables the course graduate to treat patients comprehensively.

End-of-course examination

Participants who passed the end-of-course examination will be issued a certificate that allows them to work as a medical lymphdrainage therapist.

Further training (continuing education)

Intermediate course graduates are offered further training in the form of refresher, skill-up and advanced courses.

Refresher course

By attending refresher courses one can enhance basic technical skills and overcome one’s weak points. Also a good chance to brush up your skills if you plan to return to work after a long break.

Skill-up course

High quality course to expand one’s knowledge and technical skills. Attending 4 of these courses is a necessary prerequisite and preparation for attending the advanced course.

Advanced course

Lectures from medical doctors combined with hands-on clinical training lead to further knowledge and skills. Graduates will be issued an official Advanced Course Graduate Medical Lymphdrainage Therapist certificate.